Copywriting in Liverpool

Digital marketing, copywriting, content creation and copy editing

Copywriting and content creation is much more than writing lines of words to fill your website pages.  It involves compelling content with relevant keyword phrases that will get you ranked well with search engines.  Meaning that people will actually find you!

Thing is, most of what determines your ranking happens off your website. You need an entire social media strategy that engages your audience and encourages them to interact with you.  Your business needs a personality, one that people like and want to talk to and about.

SEO, PPC, Social media, website design and content, it all needs to work together with results you can measure.

If they don’t read it they won’t be engaging and if they aren’t engaging you won’t be ranking. At least, not organically, if you want to pay to rank I will be happy to help you with that too.

A Simple Approach

Tell a story

People love stories, and everything has one. No matter how bland you think your business is, I’ll find the irresistible selling power of your story.

Speak straight

People don’t have time to waste on content that is obviously trying to sell them stuff!  What are the benefits of your product and how can it solve their problem? 

Engage your audience

The world is full of infinitely abundant content, vying for attention.  Build a recognisable identity across all social media channels, answer questions and engage with your audience.  They want to know you are listening.

Isolated goldfish facing you

You know my attention span is longer than yours, right?

Design may get their attention, but it’s words that will keep it.

Do you need copy for a website or content for blogs?

Maybe your own content needs checking, refreshing or to be optimised for search engines. 

Jump straight to my portfolio or  contact me, I can help.