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20 Useful things to make you a Facebook Super-User

Control your Facebook profile like a Facebook Super-User.

Has Facebook become Advertbook?  Have you lost track of friends and whose posts you see?

Do you only use Facebook basics and ignore all those cool apps, icons and features? 

In the next 20 blogs, I’m going to show you how to become a Facebook Super-User and take back control. (Okay, some control, Facebook still controls the sandpit). After all, it’s much more fun when you have a little power!

We’ll do this in bite-sizes, giving you a chance to try it out for yourself, before the next lesson.  Each one is stand-alone. They don’t add on to each other, it’s not layered knowledge like algebra.  Just read the ones you need until you are a Facebook super-user!

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Learn how to take control of your Facebook profile

  1. Creating Facebook Lists to organise your newsfeed preferences, and adding the Close Friends feature to prioritise your buddies.
  2. How do Hashtags work in Facebook? Why to, When to, How to, If to.
  3. Restrict certain posts from selected friends – Facebook is noisy so send selected posts only to the friends who would be interested.
  4. How to save Facebook posts (that will otherwise be lost in your feed) to read later
  5. Download a copy of EVERYTHING you’ve ever posted on Facebook EVER!
  6. How to control your Facebook News Feed like a true Facebook Super-User. Including blocking apps from posting updates.
  7. Plan for when you kick the bucket – choose a ‘Legacy Contact‘. Learn how in this blog, What happens to my Facebook account when I die?
  8. Tighten your Facebook security
  9. You’re going to get adverts, so why not tweak them to get the adverts you prefer?
  10. What’s lurking in the Inbox (you probably don’t even know you have)? And where are the page invites I missed?
  11. Check to see if somebody is snooping in your Facebook account.
  12. Who’s given you the cold shoulder? List all the friend requests you sent.
  13. Videos auto-playing and gobbling up your data? Photo Editing a drag?
  14. It’s a jungle out there! Include the ‘Safety Check‘ feature.
  15. What are all those little icons and options when I write a post?
  16. Facebook Stories? Why, when to use, and how are they different from a regular post?
  17. Facebook Profile and Facebook Page
  18. Facebook Moments and Watch Party
  19. ‘See First’, ‘On this day’, ‘Facial recognition’, ‘Shared Albums’ and other cool features.
  20. Personal Fundraisers

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