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Facebook Lists for Newsfeed Preferences

‘Facebook Lists’ allow you to organise your friends into categories. Facebook calls them Lists. Sounds harsh but keep reading!

Is your Facebook feed so over-run by advertisements that you don’t see many friends’ posts anymore? Do you know you can use Facebook lists for your newsfeed preferences?

Do you ever wonder how your old colleagues are doing? Friends from the town where you grew up, but left in the 80’s? Friends from the town you live in now? People you met on the Italian Cooking course? Or those from the old Bonsai club? Is your family spread all over the world and you just don’t see any of their posts?

Facebook Lists to the rescue!

Facebook will automatically create some lists, based on:

  • Information you and your friends have put into your ‘About’ section.
  • Location, where you’ve worked, study institutions, schools you’ve attended, interests, etc.

You can create more of your own Facebook Lists and link friends to as many of them as you want to.

So, if your sister also went to the Bonsai Club and lives in your town that’s 3 lists. No problem.

How to create Facebook Lists for your Newsfeed Preferences

  1. Click on the Facebook Home button to see your menu.
A red arrow points to the Facebook home button, which is the Facebook 'F' logo on the top left hand side of your Facebook profile.

2. On the left, under ‘Explore’, click on ‘Friend Lists’. See your existing lists or create a new one.

The Explore menu with the Friend Lists menu item to click.

3. Click on ‘Friend Lists’ (or ‘See More’, if it’s not there). A whole range of lists you probably didn’t even know you had will appear.

The Friends List showing a selection of lists I have in my own Facebook lists as an example.

4. Click on any of your lists and your Facebook feed will show the recent posts of only those friends in that category.

The category you are currently viewing will show as a heading.

See recent posts from friends

Assigning friends to Facebook Lists

Click on your friend’s Facebook Profile and you will see 3 buttons on their cover image:

“Friends – See First – Message” (see image below).

A picure showing the three buttons on a Facebook profile page which demonstrates how to add a friend to a list

Friends’ and ‘See First‘ have little arrows, which indicate there is a drop-down with more options.

Click which friends’ posts you want to ‘See First’. Prioritise your Facebook feed with those special friends. Don’t worry, your not-so-special friends will never know 🙂

To organise your lists, click the ‘Friends‘ button to see the dropdown Facebook Lists options:

Select whether they are a close friend or an acquaintance, and assign them to any other list you want to include them in.

When your close friends post on Facebook, Facebook will let you know by putting a red number on the top right, by the notification bell icon.

In the next blog we look at “How to use Hashtags in Facebook: Why to, When to, How to, If to”

Digitally Done – giving you back a little bit of control!

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  1. Good to know there is a way to see friends and not s$%£ adverts all the time on Facebook!

  2. OMW, and just like that I can see my friends on Facebook again! Thank you.

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