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How do I stop someone from seeing my posts on Facebook?

When your boss sends you a friend request on Facebook, what else can you do but click ‘accept’?! But what if you don’t want everybody to see every Facebook post? How do you stop someone from seeing certain Facebook posts? You don’t want to block them, and you don’t want to unfriend them. You just don’t want them to see your photos from your weekend in Ibiza!

How to restrict your Facebook Posts in 5 Steps

  1. Write your Facebook Post and select the ‘Public’ dropdown (see the main header image)
  2. Select the ‘Friends except’ option
  3. Search for, and select the friends who must not receive this specific post. Click DONE.
  4. Click DONE again.
  5. Post as usual

Pictures are always better! Here are screenshots of those steps:

After writing your post, click ‘Public’ (see the main image at the top for a screen shot view of that), follow these steps:

How do I stop someone from seeing my posts on Facebook?
select friends to exclude
Names are blocked, privacy you understand πŸ™‚
facebook specific friends

While I’m writing this, I’m thinking it is actually rather funny and not as pertinent as it was a few years ago. Facebook restricts so many of our posts anyway that the chances of your raucous weekend photos landing in the boss’s Facebook feed is not as high as it should be!

But still, Murphy’s Law dictates that if Facebook only plonks them in 6 of your friend’s feeds, the boss will be one of them. So best play safe!

Using Lists for Facebook Posts

In my blog about Facebook newsfeed settings, called Facebook Lists for Newsfeed Preferences, I spoke about creating lists to put friends and family in different categories. Which could be as broad as ‘Family’ or with a common interest like ‘Bonsai Club’.

You can also use those lists to send specific posts to. So I can make a list for my besties, I call mine ‘Top Friends’, and the posts I want to be delivered to my selected friends will only go to them. It will also go to all of them, without Facebook deciding which of my friends they think should get to see them.

So, to do this, after choosing the ‘Public’ dropdown (see this in the main image), choose ‘Show all lists’:

show lists
choose the list to post to

Select the List you want to direct those posts to (my list is called ‘Top friends’ (after Jed’s comment in the 2001 movie Crush) and click Done. Then Post as usual.

If you have any questions or need some help drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help.

The next blog, in the series, ‘20 Useful things to make you a Facebook Super User‘ is all about How to save Facebook posts (that will otherwise be lost in your feed) to read later.

Eliminate the need to type ‘F’ (for follow) in a Facebook comment thread. I’m sure you have seen that many times. Not only can you save a post, you can also save it in a category. Keep an eye open for that one, coming soon!

Digitally Done – giving you back a little bit of control!

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