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How to Save Facebook Posts

My son tells me Facebook is for ‘old fogies’, and perhaps he is right. One thing I am sure about, however, is that my life would be a lot more difficult without many of those old fogies!

Take this website, for example, and others I have built. They are built with WordPress, using Elementor, technical SEO, and social media marketing. I have joined Facebook pages on all of those and receive tips, advice and help with code from kind, helpful people in each of them.

Whether I ask questions on Facebook pages myself or follow questions other people ask, there are dozens of helpful posts on Facebook that I need to save, so I can refer to them later.

You know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s a thread about the best hiking boots, a recipe you believe you may make actually make one day, recommended movies, or a learning thread on gardening, web design or homemade face cream, you regularly see posts on Facebook you know will be useful sometime in the future, and are worth saving.

What is the meaning of ‘F’ in Facebook comments?

You’ve seen them, right, that ‘F‘ in a thread? Sometimes you will see the word typed out: ‘Follow‘, or ‘.‘ – simply a full stop. Drives me nuts! Mainly because I know the chances of somebody getting any value out of that is pretty low.

When you make a comment in a Facebook post, your comment becomes part of the thread and you will get notified by Facebook every time somebody adds a comment to that thread. That is all very well if it is a conversation you want to follow but don’t care to keep or won’t ever look at it again. But what if it is useful information you can use later, and want to keep?

Not only can you save a Facebook post, you can also save it into a category. Facebook calls them collections. I have a collection for WordPress, Elementor, Movies, News, Recipes, SEO… You can see the value in that now, right?

How to save a Facebook Post in 4 steps:

Save a facebook post 1

Click the 3 dots on the right of the Facebook post you want to save.

Note, this will save the entire thread, with all the comments beneath.

How to save a faceook post 2
How to save a facebook post 3

Select an existing category, Facebook calls it a collection, or make a new one.

How to save a facebook post 4

Give your new category any name you want.

How to find saved posts on Facebook?

Now that you have a place to save the posts you really want, all nice and categorised too, where do you go to find them?

It’s always better when you see it, so here are the steps in pictures:

Find saved facebook posts 1

Click the hamburger menu on the Home screen to open your options.

Click the Saved option to see your saved posts. I’ve numbered the sections on the following picture:

  1. The 3 most recent saves
  2. Collection (or categories) you have made
  3. Create a new collection
Find saved facebook posts 2
Find saved facebook posts 3
Find saved facebook posts 4

That’s all there is to it! With Facebook’s algorithms, it is increasingly difficult to find a post you spotted briefly but didn’t have time to read. Now you can!

In the next blog I’ll show you how to Download a copy of EVERYTHING you’ve ever posted on Facebook EVER!

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