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Comments are approved before displaying, not based on whether the commenter agrees with me or likes what I have to say.

Here is a list of conditions, please read them before commenting so we all know what to expect:

  1. I encourage you to comment. Share your thoughts, ideas and methods. I urge you to comment if you disagree, if I’ve made an error, or if you see things differently. Disagreeing with me is positively encouraged.
  2. Links about the topic are encouraged, comment “signatures” or random links just to promote your stuff will be removed.
  3. The name field is for your name, and only your name. Not the headline of your latest post or for SEO-boosting anchor text. If you don’t have the courage of your convictions, please don’t leave a comment. Anyone using a blatant keyword-grab will be marked as spam.
  4. Please be polite, courteous and stick to the topic. Bad manners, rudeness, swearing and any other uncouth manner of handling disagreements will not be entertained. This also applies to comments that attack other commenters, not just me. I have a delete button and have no reservations about using it.
  5. If your comment is deleted it may have been by mistake. Please resubmit it otherwise, I can not get to the bottom of why this happens. Unless point 4. is applicable, in which case please rephrase the comment before reposting.
  6. Besides rudeness and vulgarity, another major reason for deleting comments is SPAM! The bane of all of our online lives! All spam will be deleted. Obviously.

I trust that makes things clear. Comment if you disagree 🙂