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What Do You Need?

What do you want from your website?

  • More general visitors?
    Engagement on your ‘products’ page?
    Increased sales?
  • Downloads of your videos?
    Sign-ups for your newsletter?
  • Comments on your blog?
  • Subscriptions to your blog?
  • Customer journeys mapped on your website?

What do you want from your Social Media Channels?

  • More ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ or other forms of engagement?
    Positive comments and recommendations?
  • To create a large audience base you can market your products to?
  • Send visitors to your website?
  • Educate or inform your customers?

What do you want from your brand?

  • Brand awareness – get your name out there!
  • An entire makeover. You need a change!
  • It’s brand new, you want a brand with personality.
  • Full online analytics to monitor who goes where and when.

Write for your audience

Once a potential client clicks onto your website or picks up your brochure, how long you have their attention is entirely dependent on the words you choose.

Finding the right voice and words for your brand is critical. It is vital that you fit the tone to your audience and truly connect with their needs. Copy should convert, not just be cute and catchy.

The real problem isn’t competition. It is obscurity. Use compelling copy whether its purpose is to inform or sell. Stop being boring with a marketing approach that isn’t you! Be clear about who your ideal client is: Is she more Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum? Then engage them by speaking their language and connecting with their motivations.

I am Kerry Rodighiero, I have a copy-editing and proof-reading qualification from Chapterhouse, UK and over 20 years of writing experience to suit your needs; whether it is formal business English, persuasive sales copy or an informal style which will keep your readers reading!

I don’t keep regular hours so if you’re inspired right now contact me.