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Writing and Editing Services

What type of editing do you need?  

What is the difference and what does it cost?

Writing content for a website is pretty much like packing for a holiday. You don’t need much more stuff for a week than you do for a weekend!  

It’s the same with websites.  The research, plotting and planning required for a one page website is not too different from a five page one. Which is why…


The price per page will drop – as the number of pages rises.

For a multi-page website,
 Let’s Talk

Copywriting &
Content creation

Starting point: Blank canvas

The content of a website is not just banged out in an hour! A whole lot of time goes into it.  

We start with a chat, or email. I need to understand the style of writing that will suit your clients.   If you are your business, I will check your online presence and match the tone that best speaks to them.

Are you official and formal, or a comedian? Fun and lighthearted or somewhat eccentric?

I will speak to you about your business and do my own research. How much research depends on how technical or unique your industry is.  Then I write your article and send it to you to check if you are happy with the tone, the angle and the accuracy – often I make assumptions, and those are all checked in the draft.

When you need Copywriting & Content Creation

A new website, blogs, brochures, company profiles.

Developmental Editing

Starting point: *Your content

You send me your copy which mostly requires major changes to make it read better.  This type of editing requires an understanding of the subject, which entails research.  Development editing concentrates on content, continuity and the big picture.  In novels this includes characters, plot and pacing.

** Picks up most of the spelling and grammar errors. 

When you need Developmental Editing

An existing website, brochure, blog or company profile that needs an overhaul. Or,  you know what you want to say but not how to say it.

Starting point: Well defined, *original content

From a copy editing perspective, the emphasis is less on sweeping changes and more on structure and the best way to present the information. Should sentences be shortened? Do you need to add a link to a set of text? Is everything worded correctly? Is the text accurate and consistent?   Copy editing is also called Line Editing because I go through the copy line by line.

Copy editing is stylistic editing which ensures the proper tone and voice is maintained throughout the content.  It includes modest fact-checking – eg spelling of names is correct and consistent throughout the article.   I check that page numbers, headers and footers are appropriate.

Most people asking for a proofreader are looking for a copy editor.

** Picks up most of the spelling and grammar errors.

When you need Copy Editing

Your website, brochure, company brochure or blog is not too shabby. What you want to say is all there.


Starting point: An edited document just prior to printing


Proofreading is the last stage before publishing and is primarily spelling, punctuation, grammar.  Format editing and content flow from a visual perspective.  

Proofreaders look at the small picture and concentrate on the details, not on significant suggestions to overhaul the text.   I check that text and media (graphics and video) are placed logically. 

When you need Proofreading

Your content is clear, your tone is appropriate; let’s make sure it’s technically accurate, the gramma is correct, commas are in the right place and no typos.


Just to be clear

*  For editing services, if I receive content that is plagiarised from another website I will need to rewrite it, which is copywriting.

** These are official definitions that apply to a book or lengthy article.  Proofreading can be a stand-along assignment but is always part of my work.